6 Reasons to Visit a B&B Right Now

Choosing overnight accommodations for an upcoming getaway can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you’re visiting a new city. You can book a room at a traditional hotel chain or select a unique and special experience by staying at a luxurious bed and breakfast.

B&Bs are vastly different in style, location, amenities and service. To ensure you enjoy the perfect experience and a stress-free stay, look for these six characteristics in a quality B&B.

Welcoming Innkeepers

Personalized service and attentive innkeepers are big reasons why travelers stay at a B&B. An innkeeper at a high-quality B&B will be more than just friendly and helpful. They will be authentic, warm and welcoming. He or she will do everything in their power to make sure your stay is comfortable, smooth and a positive experience. A quality innkeeper is passionate about their job, offers exceptional service and happily assists you with special requests. If you feel like you’re staying with family or friends, you’re in the right place.

Extra Amenities

A quality B&B offers more than merely a bed at night and breakfast in the morning. It may include extras such as free Wi-Fi, a spa or sauna, a library filled with movies, books or magazines, welcome gifts or fresh flowers in your room, and a guest area with snacks, drinks and goodies. Increasingly, B&Bs offer en-suite bathrooms so that guests don’t have to share. Luxurious bathrooms can include amenities such as towel warmers, soaking tubs or separate showers with heated floors. Often, rooms include small refrigerators, wine glasses and a wine opener, smartphone docking stations and organic linens and bathrobes. Each B&B  property is different, but a good one will offer more than just the basics.

It’s Original

With more people staying at B&Bs than ever before, it’s important that the inn you’re considering is original. Is there something that stands out such as interesting architecture and design or a fascinating background? What makes it a unique gem or a place that is worth talking about? Look for a property that is an experience unlike any other. An original B&B will add to your trip in the most rewarding way. You may even learn about what shapes the city’s culture and region.

 An Extraordinary Location

A bed and breakfast should be in a location where you can easily access transportation, shopping, restaurants and other activities. B&Bs that are a short distance from area attractions are less of a hassle to get to and often save time, which means more fun along the way. Many times, B&Bs are in residential areas but not far from major landmarks. The perk to staying in a residential community is the opportunity to explore beyond the busiest and central areas of town. You not only get to see the city, but you can also truly embrace the local flare. For example, Lang House B&B is located in Rogers Park, one of the “neighborhoods” of Chicago. With a location that is just outside of downtown Chicago, we have ample parking, mass transit within walking distance, and a relaxing and quiet environment – indoors or out.

Making History

Most B&Bs have a rich, historical past. Some are noted for their outstanding architectural and artistic significance, while others have a colorful past. Lang House B&B is a “four square prairie style” home with spacious rooms and original décor. It is right next door to a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home. Whether you are interested in historic lodging and heritage tourism or just prefer to stay in a historical setting when traveling, B&Bs make it easy to travel back in time. You will learn new things and may experience a different culture, language or food. Best of all, you will have a unique story to tell your friends and family.

Exceptional Food

From homemade scones to hearty quiche, many travelers stay at a B&B because they enjoy a fresh, unique breakfast. No more expensive buffets full of foods that sit in warmers for hours. A quality B&B has a top-notch breakfast and accommodates guests’ food allergies and dietary preferences. Many B&B’s even offer farm-to-table with local and sustainable foods, responsible ingredient sourcing and a focus on local purveyors. To ensure that the B&B you’re looking for offers a breakfast that caters to your needs, check out its website for photographs or recipes. Ideally, their menus change often to take advantage of seasonal products. At Lang House, our breakfast is locally sourced and very yummy!

If you want the right amount of pampering and privacy in a luxurious setting, check out a restored B&B with style, history, exceptional food, welcoming innkeepers and updated amenities.



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